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60100 HDP

WASP 60100 HDP is a large format 3D printer designed to print directly from plastic granules.

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Solid, precise, silent

WASP 60100 HDP is provided with new motor drivers that make the printer much quieter and more precise, combined with new, heavy-duty stepper motors that give it greater solidity.

Compared to previous models, the 60100 HDP features a frameless tempered glass door equipped with a certified 2B2 class film. Furthermore, the fume extraction unit equipped with hepa, activated carbon and dust filters guarantees a purified environment without smells.

The user experience has been further simplified with the adoption of a new 7-inch TFT touch display and an LED bar located at the top of the printer console, which allows to recognize the working status from afar.

Water cooled system
Localized heated chamber

WASP 60100 HDP features our patented FIRECAP, a moving hot chamber system installed on the effector, capable of reaching 200°C. The FIRECAP SYSTEM exploits all the heat by introducing it only where necessary, ensures perfect infra-layer adhesion and excellent surface quality even in the most difficult materials, limiting energy consumption.

A new Water cooled system, allows the printing of high temperature polymers, making it possible to reach up to 500°C in complete safety.

Easily interchangeable plates

The innovative vacuum retention system VAC (Vacuum Active Control), allows you to replace the printing plate in a few seconds, ensuring the total absence of micro-moves during printing even at high temperatures.

The VAC also allows you to use printing plates of different types compatible with the printing material used, ensuring excellent adhesion. Once the print is over, the VAC automatically releases the printing plate that can be curved manually.

Technical Specifications6

Print Volume
Ø 600mm x h 1000mm
Nozzle Diameter
1mm / 2mm
Layer Resolution
0,1mm - 1,5mm
Print Speed
150 mm/sn’ye kadar
Product Dimensions
109 x 100 x 255 cm
Product Weight
300 kg
Pellet ABS
Pellet PLA
Pellet ASA
Pellet PP
Pellet TPU
Pellet PEEK
Pellet PC
Pellet PLA ahşap

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