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Increase Efficiency, Speed and Precision with Industrial 3D Production Technologies.

As 3DPromakim, we offer the most up-to-date industrial 3D production technologies together with advanced materials designed for speed, accuracy and mechanical performance to the experience of all users.

Our 3D team, which has the special award of “Value-Added Technical Service and Sustainable Excellence” in the EMEA region, develops customized solutions suitable for the project and need.


Thermoplastics, which meet the specific needs of different sectors with their wide material diversity, play an important role in the production of functional parts thanks to their properties such as high impact resistance and chemical resistance. With developing material technology, parts suitable for end product use can be obtained.

Composite fibers generally increase certain properties of traditional 3D printed parts, such as strength, stiffness, heat resistance and durability. Continuous fiber strands are coated with a curing agent and placed into a thermoplastic matrix via a secondary printing nozzle.

Photopolymer resins, which can change form with UV light, differ within themselves to meet different needs. Photopolymers, which are considered the best quality solution for visual prototypes; Depending on the material type, it can also be used for different needs such as strength, transparency, high temperature resistance and flexibility. ​

There are many different material options in metal 3D printing technology, where complex structures can be easily produced compared to traditional production methods. Durable parts can be easily obtained, especially in sectors with special needs such as lightweight and lattice structures with cooling channels with the high freedom in design




Continuous Fibers






Thanks to the solutions 3D Promakim offers in the aerospace and defense industry, the 3D production machines installed in our company have enabled us to diversify our production in many different areas and offer effective solutions, thanks to both time saving and high performance material values.

Resul K.
Senior Engineer, Equipment Design Unit

As the 3D Promakim team, we are able to carry out problem-free production with the carbon fiber systems we have incorporated, thanks to both our knowledge of 3D technologies and fast turnarounds. They provided significant benefits to our school in terms of projects/research with quality services and products.

Ramazan Ü.
Dr. Lecturer, Biomechanics

As a result of the effective/dedicated work of the 3D Promakim team, we provided our university with industrial systems that can produce metal and composite materials. Thanks to these systems equipped with advanced materials such as stainless steel, copper, carbonfiber, fiberglass and kevlar, both our academics and students within the university and those who we invited for our special project and those who wanted to have information on this subject benefited greatly.

Ufuk T.
Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Metal Technologies ​

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